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Complete Outsoursing to the Electronics Industry

MT Globaltek specialises in reverse engineering of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB's).

Contact us in when you need to:

  • Replace an obsolete printed circuit board (PCB)
  • Re-generate new PCB manufacturing files
  • Manufacture exact replica PCB's of your original PCB's
Creating replacement boards for old and obsolete equipment
MT Globaltek

If you have important old equipment that's no longer available or working reliably, we can help reverse engineer the original board. Maybe you've kept your existing electronic system running for years, maintaining & repairing it, but now the old equipment is failing. The main printed circuit boards (PCBs) are failing & replacement boards are no longer available. Now you have an alternative to purchasing a brand new system: you can replace just the worn-out circuit boards.

Benefits of a reverse engineered replacement PCB's:

  • Speed of replacement PCB & acutes - Using state of the art equipment, we can produce Gerber files from 2 layer to 8 layers in 5 working days.
  • Plug-and-go - your new replacement PCB plugs right into your existing system.
  • Cost-efficient - extends the working life of your existing equipment.
What the PCB Reverse Engineering Service delivers
MT Globaltek

You get a DATA PACK containing all the information and files you need to get your PCB into production:

  • Bill of materials listing all components.
  • Gerber files for the production of the PCB.
  • Printable PDF files for each separate layer, drill files & Solderpaste files.
  • Optional: Individual PDF data sheets on each component if possible.
  • Optional: A fully assembled prototype PCB, with all components as per the original PCB, for testing & evaluation.
Getting started
  • In order to provide a quotation for reverse engineering, we will need medium resolution (600 x 800DPI) photo's of the board in question. Please send via email, photos of the Component and Solder sides, & close enough to read any component values. Please keep attachments under 2 Mb or your email may not be received.
  • Please let us know what services you require: Only Gerber files of sample PCB, Blank sample PCB'S or fully assembled PCB's.
  • Upon receipt of the photos, we will email a quotation for reverse engineering of the PCB within 3-4 business days. If you wish to proceed with the order, we need you to ship a fully assembled board to us.
  • If prices for fully assembled production boards are required, we make it a policy to provide pricing only after we have received 2 fully assembled boards. That is the only way we can ensure accurate pricing.
  • We do not quote software or firmware reverse engineering. If asked, as part of an order for reverse engineering, we will attempt to download firmware from a PIC or memory IC as long as the subject chip is not fused or blown. Additional costs apply for programming any new memory IC's that may be needed for the revised PCB's. Downloaded software will be provided in digital form only.