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Complete Outsoursing to the Electronics Industry
MT Globaltek

Flexible manufacturing capabilities

In co-operation with key EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) companies located in China, we have are able to offer a wide array of capabilities in PCB assembly. Our suppliers have invested heavily in the most advanced state-of-the-art equipment to accommodate even the most stringent demands of our clients.

We can source the following components:

  • Existing line items that may be ex-stock, not 6 to 8 weeks lead time
  • Obsolete components
  • Telecommunication components & connectors
PCB Assembly capabilities

Listed below are the various technologies capabilities.

MT Globaltek

Process Capability : Automated Insertion (AI)

  • 11 Axial & 8 Radial AI Lines
  • 52mm & 26mm Pitch, Axial component Process Availability
  • 2.5mm & 5.0mm Pitch, Radial component Process Availability
  • High Speed machines
MT Globaltek

Surface Mounting Technology Capability (SMT)

  • 47 SMT Lines
  • Large Scale RoHS SMT Capacity
  • Double Sided component placement Process
  • SMT 0201 Chip Placement
  • BGA & uBGA
  • Plated Thru Hole
  • Fine-pitch (0.4mm) IC placement
MT Globaltek

Process Capability : Manual Insertion

  • 46 Manual Insertion Lines
  • No-Clean & Lead-Free (RoHS) process
  • Conformal coating capability
  • Lead Free Process Implementation
  • FPC sealed Process Availability
  • Multi skilled employees
  • Material Traceability System
  • Flexible Line combination